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What I Learnt from A Broken Bobo&Boo Plate

Bobo&Boo Dinnerware- eco-friendly, toxic free, kid-safe, beautiful, colourful… but like everything else on this planet, they don’t last forever. Now, it is promised that Bobo&Boo products are pretty durable, but sometimes, they do break.

As I sat on the floor looking at my cracked plate, I felt a little sad. I’ve dropped it quite a few times without it breaking before, and somehow that gave me the sense that my plate would never break. But, evidently, I was wrong. “Well, no point crying over spilt milk,” I thought. I made my way to the kitchen to throw it away but something urged me to stop. I looked at my plate and suddenly saw that although it was cracked and practically useless, I still adored it’s bright pink colour and soft matte material… I realized that it still looked beautiful to me.

And so began the project of upgrading it into a perfectly imperfect windchime/plant holder! I wasn’t too sure about where the idea came from or if it would even turn out successful, but I collected a few more broken plates from somebody else, and didn’t look back. I used a hammer to further break my cracked plates into smaller pieces, and heated screwdriver to melt little holes into them. I used some leftover string I had lying around the house to tie everything together and voila!

I had invested a good amount of time having fun with my little art creation. Yes, it might look a little wacky, but that is exactly what I love about it. Instead of disposing my plate and forgetting about it for the rest of my life, I now can take a look in my garden and feel happy listening to its soft clicking noises every time a little wind hits.

Sure, my Bobo&Boo plate could no longer serve its original purpose, but now, its purpose is completely new. It brings me joy all the same- just in a different way.