Working From Home

Often, we wish we can work from home – skipping the traffic, sleeping in, sneaking a nap and just enjoy not being in the office. This year, our wish came true for most people thanks to the pandemic, but do they really love it or was it not as great as imagined? Surely, you get really excited at first that your wish came true and you can’t wait to enjoy it but it does come with more commitment especially for

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Traditional Weaning vs Baby-Led Weaning

Weaning – a stage where every child will go through. Usually, it starts at 6 months but some start slightly earlier depending on the advice by your pediatrician. Weaning means a process where your child begins their first time to take solid food other than the milk given (be it formula or breast milk). There are a few types of weaning but the more common ones are traditional weaning or baby-led weaning. Traditional Weaning Smooth purees and mashed food Spoon-feeding

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The Impacts of Plastic

You are on a family holiday at a beautiful private island and decided to go snorkeling. You get excited with the clear waters and beautiful corals but suddenly you saw plastic bottles and waste all around, not a beautiful sight, right? Sadly, that is how our beautiful planet is now and will continue to be when we continue to use plastic. Do you know we are generating 300 million tons of plastics per year?! That’s nearly equivalent to the weight

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Pandemic Baby

Before 2020, not many know the definition of pandemic nor have experienced a pandemic. A pandemic is an outbreak of a disease occurring worldwide or over a wide area, usually internationally affecting a large number of the population. When the pandemic started, many were not prepared for the unknown, what to do and what not to do. One can only find information on the world wide web but are they really applicable and trustable? Questions are everywhere and yet life

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