Innovative baby wrap to makes it possible for everyone to use wrap more easily


Innovative baby wrap with waist belt

Recommended age : from newborn babies ~around 36 month old(15kg/33lbs)

PITTARi wrap has been used by a lot of mothers, especially in European countries. When you use the wrap, you feel very comfortable and close to your baby.

However, for new mothers or fathers, it’s not always easy to use. We need some skills before we use the wrap. PITTARi wrap makes it possible for everyone to use wrap more easily! You can use PITTARi not only for front carrying but also for side carrying position.

Best product to start to use baby wrap!
From the manufacturer of SUPPORi, PITTARi is family of famous brand – SUPPORi.

PITTARi Wrap = “Baby Wrap” + “Waist Belt” + “Storage Pouch”


Allowed carrying positions:
– Newborn Carrying
– Face-To-Face Carrying
– Hip-Carrying

Suitability :- from newborn (~3.5 kg) till independence (~15 kg)


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