MARU Sling

A ring sling with incredible & unique fabric weaving structure material


Embrace your baby the natural way

Maru Sling is produced by Lucky Industries Co., Ltd, which is probably the oldest baby carrier manufacturer in the world. Lucky Industries established in 1934, at Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

At the time in Japan, most families had more than 5 children, and moms were everywhere at once: management of the tribe, household, meals, shopping… Mr Takéo Higuchi decided to create the first onbuhimo baby carrier to helps the moms back carry their babies in order to free the space in front for facilitating the life of the mothers. That’s where the brand of Lucky established.

However, after 30 years of existence, Japanese society became very peaceful and lucky. The Year of 1964 is a seminal year in modern Japanese history, where the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and the first run of their bullet train. Their generation evolving and become fashionable, Japanese birth-rate decreased gradually. Then it becomes no longer necessary to carry babies on the back.

In the 1967’s, Lucky began exporting baby carriers to America where they acquired a patent. Since its founding, the company has produced over 40,000,000 baby carriers over the 80 years with strict global standards promising quality. All the baby slings & carriers have quality control and support within the reach of their own factory and partner’s factories.

Up to now, Lucky has not actively expanded its export market due to their capacity is always full. We are grateful that we are able to bring in some signature products by Lucky to Malaysia.

Few remarkable brands produced by Lucky, such as:-
– SUPPORi: the smallest & most stylish baby sling in the world.
– SUKKIRi: Ultra-lightweight and breathable polyester mesh ring sling, as known as water sling.
– PITTARi: Innovative baby wrap to makes it possible for everyone to use wrap more easily!

Now, Lucky is introducing MARU SLING, a ring sling with incredible & unique fabric weaving structure material. The tail of the MARU Sling comes with a marker, practical to use, and not to twist the fabric by mistake.

There are 2 types of MARU sling:

MARU Sling TypeMuslinJacquard

100% cotton muslin
(ultra soft and absorbent)

Jacquard cotton
(beautiful jacquard design from Spain)
Ring2 seamless aluminum alloy ring, with durability of 150k each
Fabric Length1.85 meter
Max Weightup to 15kg (approx. 2~4 years old)

Advantage of MARU SLING (Muslin)

Spring / Summer:
Generally baby’s body temperature is higher than that of an adult and they are sensitive to heat. This is why babies sweat twice as much as an adult.
Since a baby can not regulate his body temperature, they can’t cool themselves as well as adults so they’re more at risk of overheating and developing a heat-related illness. MARU SLING makes it possible to regulate its temperature thanks to the cotton muslin which aerates and thinens the air.

Autumn / Winter:
A baby needs to feel cocooned and reassured.
The extreme softness of Maru Sling will provide the support and security sought.


Advantage of MARU SLING (Jacquard)


• Can carry a child from about 3.5 kg to 15 kg. (from 10 days to about 3 years old).

• Fast carry, without having to knot: thanks to 2 rings. Fits in the blink of an eye

• One Size fits all: it is suitable for almost all body types, and will be comfortable for all wearers (up to 1.90m height and 120cm around chest)

• Allows multiple carrying positions: front carry and side carry.

• Comes with a user manual.

• MARU SLING meets safety requirements. Safety test carried out by a certified laboratory in France. Complies with a type examination carried out according to FD CEN / TR16512 (04/2015) (Soft carrier). Complies with the safety requirements set out in the appendix to decree 91-1292 of 20 December 1991 on the prevention of risks resulting from the use of childcare articles.

Maintenance tips :
Hand wash recommended.
Machine washable at 40 ° C
(delicate cycle, wash separately in a net).
Use a mild detergent.
Dry in the shade.
Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
Do not use the dryer or iron.


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