Getting to know your baby (Part 2)

In Part 1, we talked about the baby vision development, and now we will look at the baby Brain Development and how it impact with the way you babywear. As for the development of their brain, we are aware that the brain of a newborn undergoes an amazing amount of growth in the first three years of their life, which is often called the ‘golden window’. According to various cognitive research, this golden window is the best timing for boosting brain cells through flash

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Getting to know your baby (Part 1)

Even if you consider yourself a veteran mom, the fear of making the wrong decisions can leave you breathless. Should I carry my baby when he cries for it? Will she be too attached if I carry her too often?  Why does he stop wailing when he is held upright and starts wailing when I put him down on the cot?  Carrying my baby to see the world is good stimulation for her developing brain. But should I carry her

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Comfort Carry

We heard it a thousand times before, people constantly telling you that carrying a baby too much will spoil them. Our parents, grandparents, confinement lady, caregiver said it all the time, but is it true? The simple answer is NO. Infants need constant comfort and attention as a foundation to grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Research has shown that contrary to the popular myth, carrying your baby is natural and it is impossible for parents to spoil a newborn by

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Child Safety Protection Tips by UnisonCA

In November, we announced the month of Child Safety Protection. If you have tuned in for our #TipsByUnisonCA in November, you will see some tips to increase your awareness for the safety of our little ones! If you missed out on it, rest assured, here are some of the tips you can refer to! Here’s the first tip! Supervise your kid all the time! With YOCHI YOCHI, supervising it has never been easier, and it has 2 other functions as

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Benefits of Babywearing & Reflux

Do you know that every newborn baby will experience reflux atleast once in their life and some more frequent than the rest. So what is this reflux? Well, there’s 2 types to know of; Silent Reflux where the acid may rise up from the gut to the throat of the baby and the most common Classic Reflux where the baby throws up or vomits out partial or almost all their feed. Rest assured, it’s also normal for a baby to

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Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings of how Nurses Day, Mothers’ Day and Teachers’ Day originated from. Do you know when or how did these 3 beautiful and special days has been created and celebrate around the world by everyone? Let us give you a brief history of these special occasions and look out below for some tips sharing for parent-child & educational bonding. 12th May 2018, International Nurses Day : In January 1974, 12 May was chosen to celebrate the day as it is the anniversary of the birth

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