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Picky Eating

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Picky eating is when a child often refuse food most of the time and only prefer a certain type of food every time. Do you have a picky eater at home? Picky eating is a normal developmental stage as long as they are not losing drastic weight over it. You can monitor their appetite over the course of a week instead of a single day. Toddlers eat better in a low-pressure environment where they practice their independence with meal time.

Try these few solutions to help with picky eaters: –

  1. Patience – Do not force them. Your job as a parent is to decide what to give them but they are the ones that decide whether they want to eat or how much to eat

Variety – Try to serve a variety of food with a safe food (food that you know that they will eat). Try the muffin tin meals.

Make it fun – Try to bring fun to meal times, sing songs, laugh more, eat from their plate and let them eat from yours. Just be happy.

Presentation – Kids too like adults, care about the color of the food, the texture, the portion, utensils and dinnerware used

Be creative – Change of environment will help too, dine on an adult chair, in the garden or even picnic style

Research – Read more on picky eaters and meal ideas for picky eaters

Lastly, always remember that they won’t starve themselves. They will definitely eat when they are hungry so don’t stress yourself and lose sleep over it.