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Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth. No amount of money can buy or replace health because health is priceless. In our current daily lives, often we are too busy and overlook our health, be it what we consume or going for a medical checkup, or even taking supplements. We always try but due to time constraint, we tend to just skip a meal or go for fast food. We are what we eat. What we consume in our body is vital and it will definitely be a wake-up call if anything were to happen.


A simple and quick meal doesn’t need to be less nutritious. In this modern age, we can just simply YouTube ways to pre-prepare meals to save time without compromising the quality. When you have a baby starting solid, you would want everything healthy with low to no sodium food and a balance diet everyday meal to ensure a healthy growth. We bring you Foodies With Love homemade veggie pasta, powder, buns and many more that are 100% Natural with no egg, salt, sugar, oil, artificial coloring/flavoring/preservatives, MSG. With this, you are rest assured the quality is there and is safe for consumptions for your little ones. You don’t need to worry about what to give, what to make and if it is safe anymore.  

Apart from what you put on a plate that is important, don’t forget the importance of the plate itself. You will need something lightweight, won’t release microplastics to your food, easy to wash off, microwave friendly and dishwasher friendly to help you save time. Look no further as Bobo&Boo fills all the criteria. Comes in vibrant colors too to boost your appetite so that’s a plus.