Beautiful Beginnings

Beautiful Beginnings of how Nurses Day, Mothers’ Day and Teachers’ Day originated from. Do you know when or how did these 3 beautiful and special days has been created and

Learn The Common Phrases of English & Malay

Welcome to Malaysia! Learning the language of Bahasa Malaysia (also known as Malay language or sometimes just “Bahasa” or “Bahasa Melayu”) Did you know that

Stomach Flu Tips

Last month, Mummy Charmaine’s loved ones were all infected by Stomach Flu virus. So.. what is stomach flu? It’s a virus that commonly caused by

The Truth About Babywearing

It has been a global trending sensation about the truths on Babywearing. You will no longer be surprised to see many new parents around you

Benefits of Babywearing & Reflux

Do you know that every newborn baby will experience reflux atleast once in their life and some more frequent than the rest. So what is